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Cheerleading Documents/Forms

Cheerleading Policies

Please remember ALL members of the Cheerleading Board and Coaching staff are volunteers.  These policies are being put in place to make the operation of the Cheerleading program as fair and trouble free as possible.  Anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the Cheerleading Board meetings which are held the fourth Tuesday of every month.  This is the best way to become involved and promote change in a positive manner.


The following are policies and procedures of the Prospect Boys & Girls Club Cheerleading Board they apply to ALL participants involved with the Cheerleading program.



Parent Responsibilities


The Prospect Boys & Girls Club Cheerleading Board (the Board) require that anyone representing the program (from coaches to parents and everyone in between) be respectful during practices, games and competitions.


If issues occur that are deemed unjust then it must be addressed in the appropriate manner.  If the appropriate procedure is not followed the issue will be disregarded.   (see complaint policy)



Rules of conduct (in addition to the Rules of Conduct stated in the PB&GC Bylaws):


Parents, siblings and friends of cheerleaders are not permitted on the field during practices, games and competitions unless approved by the Cheer President.  Any and all issues are to be taken to the Parent Advisor first. 


A newsletter is handed out and emailed weekly.  This letter contains the information for upcoming events, directions to away games and important information.  It is the parent’s responsibility to please read these every week.


Changes in practice schedules, cancelled practices and other important information are relayed to the parents through email/text so please check your email/text first.


If a parent has a concern and wishes to discuss the matter it may be taken to the Parent Adviser and a complaint form may be filled out. (see complaint policy)


Parents should refrain from discussing negative issues amongst themselves.  Things do not get solved unless the issues are brought to the attention of the Cheer Board.


Cheerleaders, parents, family members and friends are required to maintain appropriate conduct towards referees, players, coaches ( PB&GC and opposing team), and each other.  In short everyone! This includes but is not limited to: verbal and/or physical threats, being disrespectful, not displaying good sportsmanship and teamwork. This conduct must be adhered to during practices, games and competitions.  Parents MUST be role models to the cheerleaders by displaying respect, consideration, tolerance, giving support, good sportsmanship and teamwork. (Personal issues between parents are to be left outside the Cheerleading activities)


Any cheerleader, parent, family member and/or friend who are disruptive in any of the above stated manners or are in violation of the PB&GC Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the Club property immediately.  It will be decided by the Cheer Board and if necessary the PB&GC Board if the persons will be permitted to attend future events.



Cheerleaders Responsibilities


Disciplinary actions can be taken for not abiding by the following responsibilities.  (see disciplinary action section of this booklet)


1.      Cheerleaders are required to be respectful to everyone and supportive of each other while participating in any   practices, games, and competitions (any Cheer related activities).  If in violation disciplinary may be taken.  Examples of this are:  running, jumping jacks, etc.


2.      Cheerleader may have their cell phones in their bags at practices, games and competitions.  They may NOT have them on their person at these activities.


  1. Practices:  cheerleaders are to arrive one time ready to practice.  This includes being dressed in loose appropriate clothing, tennis shoes and hair pulled back.  No Jeans, half shirts, jewelry, etc. are permitted. Disciplinary actions:  First offense asked to fix the problem.  Second and each following offense to sit out of practice and watch.


  1. Games:  Cheerleaders are to arrive on time and dressed ready for the games/competitions.  This includes having ALL uniform items with them at all games.  The uniforms are not to be altered/changed in anyway.  The girl’s hair must be fixed according to their squads requirements prior to arriving at the game/competition.  The coaches will determine uniform changes and hair styles.


  1. No individual face painting.  Natural or appropriate make up acceptable.  (at the discretion of the coach).  Disciplinary action will be to remove the face paint immediately,


  1. No artificial finger nails.  Natural or appropriate polished well kept nails are acceptable. (at the discretion of the coach).


  1. Cheerleaders are required to bring a (at least one) bottle of water with them to all practices, games and competitions.


  1. Cheerleaders may not leave their designated areas during practice, games and competitions for any reason at anytime (ex. bathroom, food/drink) without the permission of their coach.    Cheerleaders must do this by halftime of the game before the game they are to cheer for.  This is for your child’s safety.  Disciplinary action will be to sit one quarter of game with the parent advisor or designated person.  This will be accumulative for each offense.  So your child may end up sitting an entire game.


9.      Cheerleaders will cleanup any and all food, drink and garbage in their area at practices, games and competitions 

Standard uniform requirements:


Skirt (provided)                                                           Jersey (provided)

Crop                                                                Spankies

Shoes white with white laces                           Pom poms (provided)

Socks white no show                                       Rain Coat

Jacket                                                              Pants

Ear warmers gold, blue or white                                  Bow


A $125.00 deposit will be taken at the time the cheerleader receives her uniform.  The deposit will be refunded upon return of the uniform.  If the uniform is not returned or returned damaged the deposit check will be cashed.


Complaint Policy/Procedure


It is the policy of the Cheer Board that any person with a: suggestion, complaint, and/or issue to first take this to the Parent Advisor for the appropriate Squad. 


The Parent Advisor will then present a form for the person to fill out and return to the Parent Advisor.  (a form can also be found at the back of this booklet)


The Parent Advisor will present the issue to the Board at the next Board meeting or if deemed necessary by the Parent Advisor will call an emergency Board meeting.


The Board will decide how to handle the issue and report back to the involved party.




Every parent is required to volunteer for concession/gates/other as determined by the Cheerleading Board to help the Cheer Program.  Some parents are willing &able to volunteer more than others due to their schedules.  But without you the Program will suffer.  Help is needed in the following areas:

Parent advisors                                          Special events Manager

Fundraising                                                           equipment management

Board meeting attendance                          Senior Day

Light up Night                                           garbage pick up

finding sponsors                                        banquet planning

poster/sign making                                     competition


      If you have any interest or can provide support in any of the above areas please contact the Cheerleading Vice-President.


Parent Advisor Responsibilities


A Parent Advisor will be appointed by the Board for each squad.


The Parent Advisor will be present at ALL practice, games and competitions.  If the Parent Advisor is unable to be present for any of these events they will notify the Vice- President (in advance if possible) and find a suitable replacement.


They are the liaison between the Coaches, Board and parents. 


They are responsible for having the parent sign the girls in/out and handing out newletters and other information.


Parent Advisor will assist the coaches with control and discipline of the cheerleaders as needed.



Coaches/Assistant Coaches Responsibilities


All coaches/assistant coaches are volunteers they are adults who have children in the program or occasionally students a who have graduated from the PB&GC Cheerleading Program.  They put in numerous hours to make this Program happen. 
The cheerleaders must respect and listen to the coach/assistant coach. 
Coaches/assistant coaches (when students) are under the direct supervision of the Parent Advisor.


Coaches/assistant coaches are permitted cell phones at the sidelines of practices, games and competitions.


Coaches/assistant coaches are required to attend all practices, games and competitions.  If unable to attend these activities they will notify (in advance when possible) the Parent Advisor for their squad.


If the Coach is unable to be present the Assistant Coach will be in charge of the activity.


In the event that both Coaches are unable to attend the Parent Advisor will notify the Vice–President and a replacement will be found or the activity cancelled and rescheduled.


See Coach/Assistant Coach section of the Cheer Bylaws for more information


Cheer Personnel Expectations (of )& Responsibilities (to the) Cheerleaders


Cheer personnel includes the Board, Parent Advisors, Coaches and Assistant coaches.


Personnel will always do their best to treat your child with respect and dignity while maintaining a teaching and mentoring environment.


Personnel will to the best of their ability be a positive role model to your child during the time spent with them.


Personnel will utilize the stated disciplinary actions (see Disciplinary section of this booklet) as a method for ensuring concentration and limited horseplay.  Staff will not use humiliation as a method of discipline.


Talking back to a Coach/Assistant Coach/Parent Advisor Will Not be tolerated.  Disrespect of any of these people at any time will result in disciplinary action. 


Foul language and/or bullying will NOT be tolerated!


As personnel we are open to critism but  when the critism is “self serving” or only benefits your child (not the entire squad) it will be discounted.  The squads are made up of approximately 20 children and it is the staffs responsibility to place your child in a position that benefits the entire squad.  All to the staff’s decisions concerning positions are based on “safety”, “squad benefit” and “squad need” only!


The personnel will evaluate your child’s attitude, work ethic, commitment, desire, sportsmanship, aptitude for the routine, and athletic ability when determining position on the competition squad.  All decisions on post ions will be based on “squad benefit” and “safety.”



Committee Volunteers


Will report to and obtain approval from (when necessary) the Cheerleading Board.


These positions include but are not limited to:

            Fundraising Manager- obtain sponsors, organize, hand out and collect fundraiser material. 


Organize, work with and oversee other volunteers wishing to help.


            Special Events Manager- organize the Cheerleader’s part in Light Up Night and Senior Day.


Organize, work with and over see the other volunteers wishing to help.


Equipment Manager- Organize and oversee the sign out/return of equipment and uniforms, and be available to assist with fittings, etc


Practices & Games


Please make sure that your child has transportation to & from practice and games.  A member of the Coaching Staff or Board is required to stay until the last child is picked up. 


Your child must be at the practice site no later than 15 minutes before the start of practice.  Coaches/parent advisors will arrive 15 – 30 minutes before practice

A practice schedule with times will be handed out at the mandatory parents meeting (to be announced).  This schedule is subject to change at anytime due to weather, existing daylight and need of staff.


Changes will be communicated via newsletter, email, text and/or website post.  It is the parent’s responsibility to check these medias first before calling staff.


Do not let cheerleaders consume soda or sugary drinks before practice.


Do not let cheerleaders eat too much before practice. Stomachaches and cramps are likely to occur during long exercise sessions (yes cheering is exercise).  There should be at least an hour between a large meal and practice.


When the weather starts to turn colder please make sure your child wears a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt to practice so they do not get sick.  Game attire will be announced by the coaches as weather conditions are determined.


After the first few practices your child may be discouraged due to heat, and or physical nature of the cheers and routines.  This is normal.  Please encourage them to push through the practices and stay positive.  It will become easier as they improve their endurance and physical strength and learn the cheers.


All practices, games and competitions are mandatory.  (see disciplinary section)


If a cheerleader will be late or unable to attend a practice, game or competition for any reason the parent of that child needs to notify the Parent Advisor of that squad, in advance when possible.

Exceptions are:  family emergencies, illness, etc.




Medical issues:


If your child has a physical ailment such as:  asthma, diabetes, heart condition, allergy or any known medical condition it is the parents responsibility to report this to the Parent Advisor.  Some children use medications to control their illness(ex. inhalers for their asthma), Prospect Boys & Girls Club cannot be responsible for administering these treatments


If your child has a fever please wait 24 hours after the fever has broken to send them to practice.


Though unlikely, seek medical attention if your child does receive an injury theat sems serious or impedes their normal routine.





Camp is mandatory! 

Camp always coincides with football camp.  This is for the convenience of parents having children participating in both activities.





Each division will be divided into Three (3) squads as per the ABC League age rules.


Tryouts are usually held in April dates will be posted on the Club website & face book, sent out in an email, and home in a flyer.


The President previous serving (Officer/Board member terms are from January to January) will be the chair for the committee organizing tryouts.  If there is no committee in place the President will be solely in charge of organizing tryouts.


Tryouts are for Junior and Senior squads only.  Bantams must attend the first two (2) days of tryouts though.


NOTE:  Senior cheerleaders if you choose to cheer for PB&GC you may not tryout for Middle School Football Cheerleading.  This is due to conflicting schedules.  You may how ever try out for Middle School Basketball Cheerleading.




Cheerleaders are permitted one (1) week vacation during the season.  Please turn in a written request at least two (2) weeks prior to vacation.


Cheerleaders may miss two (2) practices and one (1) game.  Parents (not another child)must notify the parent advisor for that squad when the cheerleader will be absent.  This should be done in advance of the practice or game to be missed.


If the cheerleader is running a temperature, nauseated, etc.  Please notify the parent advisor and keep the child at home.   If this lasts for more than two (2) practices a doctors excuse may be requested by the Board. 


We understand that there can be extenuating circumstances (ex custody arrangements, death in the family, etc).  Please notify the parent advisor for that squad immediately when/if these circumstances arise.


Unexcused absence is any missed practice, game or competition that the parent advisor was not notified of beforehand.


One (1) unexcused absence the child will sit in uniform for one (1) quarter of the game.  The child must sit with their squad the entire game.  If the cheerleader does not, the child and parent will be asked to meet with the Board.


Two (2) unexcused absences the cheerleader and parent will be asked to meet with the Board.  This may result in the cheerleader’s dismissal from the squad.  


Disciplinary Actions


Disciplinary actions may be taken for, but not limited to:  being disrespectful to anyone in anyway, not paying attention, disruptive behavior, foul language, bullying.


First offense- warning from coach, assistant coach and/or parent advisor.


Second offense- Calisthenics of coaches choice (after discussion with parent advisor & with in reason)


Third offense- meeting with the Board, coach, assistant coach, parent advisor and parent. 




Fundraising is mandatory and will be determined by the Fundraising Committee, with final approval from the Cheerleading Board.  If there is no Fundraising committee in place the Cheerleading Board will determine the fundraiser.  Ideas are always welcome.


The Cheerleading Board has the right to determine a buyout fee for those that do not wish to participate in the fundraiser activity.


The parent is required to either participate in the fundraiser or pay the buyout.  If the parent does not comply in a timely manner with this requirement the child will be considered NOT in good standing with the Club.  As per Club policy the child will not be permitted to participate (in any sport for any season, year etc.) until the money is paid.  For cheer the child will sit with their uniform on during all games until money is paid.