Prospect Boys and Girls Club

About Our Club

The Prospect Boys and Girls Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the youth of our community, ages 3-19, the opportunity to participate in activities ranging from soccer to cheerleading. We are governed and operated by an all-volunteer group of parents, friends and family that oversee the activities of the Club and all of its programs.  

In order to offer every child the same opportunity to participate, we attempt to keep costs for our membership to a minimum. We even have financial aid scholarships available for families in need. In order to keep costs to a minimum, all the while maintaining our current facilities, and to continue to grow and expand offered activities, your support is imperative.

We ask that you please continue your generous support. With your help our organization really can provide "A Safe Place for Kids to Play Sports!" ...
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Mar 07,2017

Next Club Board Meeting

Your support is needed and appreciated.  This is an all volunteer organization!!

Jan 01,2017

Club Fee Lowered

Annual Club Fee to be lowered to $25 for 2017.

Jan 01,2017

Most 2017 Sports Registration Open

Soccer, and Baseball will be open for sure on 1/1/2017.  Possibly Football as well as Softball.